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Ballistic Thinking

Mid Range Performance Balls are probably the most competitive range of products as these attempt to optimise the balance between coverstock and weight block and invariably deliver weights from 14lb to 16lb; by use of modified weight blocks, modified cover stock thickness. Generally these bowling balls are ‘compromised’ top end performing balls.

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Mid Range Performance Balls

This ball should give any bowler an eye-popping reaction on ...
Big time scores need Big Time strikes... Reach your bowling ...
The most sought after ball from Ebonite is back, but for a ...
Hammerheads can't get enough of urethane - Meet Hammer ...
You opponents won't know what struck 'em.. Strike with ...
Tell your bowling competition that it's time to "listen up" ...
Performance taken to the maximum limit. The Motiv Forza ...
Supercharge your game with the Motiv Forza SS!
Put your bowling game in high gear with the Motiv Supra ...
Buckle in for the long haul with Motiv Supra Rally.
Become the ultimate striker on tough conditions with Motiv ...
Ready to ditch bad ball reaction and poor bowling habits? ...
Don't underestimate the sneakiness... Surprise your ...
Reach shocking new high scores with the Electrify B-S-Y ...
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