Ballistic Bowling / LPSA is rightfully precious about its reputation built up over the last 13 years in the business. The skill, knowledge and accuracy of the drilling, mapping and measuring team is fully supported by state of the art equipment and data sourcing technologies.

Data Centres and Entertainment:

In our Premier Shop (Worcester) we have installed broadband enabled Data Centres giving our customers access to technical data on equipment they are interested in purchasing – they can see video clips, source manufacturers specifications and comments from independent trials – this isn't squashed onto tiny monitors or a laptop we have large screen (55") 4K UHD television for your viewing experience. Waiting for your ball to be drilled is no great bore either you will be offered a beverage and given free access to see the latest on the PBA tour viewed on Extra Frame a subscription service we have available for our customers.

Our Drilling Equipment:

Innovative-Mill-Drill-Plus-90We don't use standard vernier clamp jigs and drill presses, we know them to be inaccurate and vibrate resulting in compromised accuracy and rippling to the finished cut. Across all of our Premier and Premium shops we use the top specification Innovative and Jayhawk, mill drills complete with digital readers creating accuracy to 1/1000 of an inch. Our tungsten tipped drill bits are sharpened and finished to retain the exact diameter of the required hole – how many times have you seen inserts too tight – DIY sharpening – not with us.

Resurfacing and Re-finshing:

In our Premier shops we have invested in 'Haus' resurfacing machines, these are the 'signature' machines enabling reshaping via the diamond cutting discs and refinishing to "as new" standards – this machine returns balls to being perfectly round where other pro shops not having this equipment invariably returns your ball with one or more flat spots.

Additionally we have tub spinners across our Premier and Premium shops to ensure a full ball re-finishing service can be delivered – we carry all of the factory finish compounds, abrasive pads to ensure all ball finishes can be returned to box finish.

Ball Scales:

Have you ever questioned if your new ball or re-drill has been checked for being within USBC / BTBA legal tolerances? – we, in Ballistic recognise even the' best in class' DoDo scales are reliant on the balance pivots being free of resistance and they are regularly recalibrated – we have recognised this is old outdated technology creates problems in accuracy, Ballistic Bowling and LPSA have invested in the new Jayhawk Precision Analytical Instruments (PAI) Digital Ball Scale – this is the first in the UK and is based in our Worcester Premier Shop. These scales are accurate to 1/100th of an ounce. It takes just 20 seconds to determine; static weight, side weight, top weight, thumb weight and finger weight. We will even give you a "Ball Legality Passport" if you buy your new ball from us – this is another unique Ballistic service

Kaufman scales are used in our Premium shops for limited weighing functions

Measuring and Copying Equipment:

"Love the fit of your favourite ball" – Ballistic Bowling can accurately copy it using digital technology and highly specialised equipment made by Precision Analytical Instruments (PAI) the first is known as the Precision Grip Gauge, distributed by JayHawk. This is the one of the first of these instruments in the UK which takes the measurement of hole placement to within one thou. It also determines hole sizes for fingers and thumb, oval angle and bevels. The second is a digital pitch gauge can boast the same level of accuracy. This instrument determines palm pitches, lateral pitches, as well as thumb oval angles - hole sizes are measured and also maps tapers and bevelling. Investment in this leading edge technology sets Ballistic / LPSA apart from other traditional Pro Shops

We of course provide our customers with a full range of thumb options, including:

  • Kustom Thumbs – the most accurate hole copying process in the Bowling Industry – We have more than 500 customer moulds as our library.
  • Switch Grips from Turbo – The original removable thumb tube system
  • It Grips from Vise – probably the most popular removable thumb tube system at present
  • Pre-formed urethane thumb tubes – spanning circular, ovals and taper tubes
  • We even stock a small range of "thumbs up" inserts designed to stop gripping.

We exclusively use Bill Taylor hand measuring devices as we have found no alternative that delivers similar accuracy, speed of process and delivering the most reliable outcome.

We use the JayHawk Armadillo to determine the Positive Axis Point from the track of a model ball. Ideal when mapping a ball with a surface marker.

Our Remote Drilling Service (RDS):

Unique in the UK (but fairly common place in remote parts of the US and Canada), we arrange to have your model ball collected from your home and delivered to one of our Premier Pro Shops where we copy the mapping, ball geometry, hole sizes, pitches, ovals, tapers as well as take a "kustom thumb" mould and insert details, we use edge to edge measuring and mapping techniques, thereby guaranteeing an exact copy is achieved. We return the model ball with your new ball – thereafter all you need do is email or ring us with your order and leave the rest to us – The set up cost for this service is £20.00 (inc VAT).

Your Views on our Next Investment:

Ballistic Bowling is currently reviewing whether our customers would value having aces to the JayHawk Laser Surface Analyser. Click on the image to access details. Please lets us know your thoughts – if your decision is we should have it, we will get it!!!


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