A unique service offered to Ballistic Bowling / LPSA customers.

We like most Pro Shop operators take great care to map out bowling balls to ensure end products sit within the tightly prescribed weight tolerances. These tolerances are set by the USBC and recognised by the BTBA the FIQ and other national Associations.

Not only are weights prescribed but also a range of other standards, such as:

  • Maximum number of holes you can have in your ball
  • Maximum and Minimum diameter
  • A unique identification serial number
  • Checks for ball weight tampering.

From our 13 year experience or Pro Shop operation we have seen literally hundreds of bowling balls that fall outside of prescribed standards and consequently are illegal for any form of competition play

Taking this into account Ballistic Bowling / LPSA offer to its customers a unique service where will check and record the following:

  • Static weight
  • Top weight
  • Side weight
  • Finger weight
  • Thumb weight
  • The amount of holes drilled into the ball
  • The make, model and serial number of the ball.
  • Sits within Max and Min diameters and any flat spots observed.
  • How many plug and re-drills at the time of examination

These details will be entered onto watermarked Ballistic Bowling, heavy duty, paper. These will be placed within your passport wallet thereby enabling you to prove the legality of your equipment in tournaments where checks are conducted.

Our JayHawk digital scales, unique to Ballistic Bowling in the UK will be used – these scales are accurate to 1/100th of an ounce and has a process time of 20 seconds to determine all of the weights cited.

Weight anomalies will be readily identified, giving indications where a ball failed to secure manufacturers standards – these reject balls are sold at reduced prices (don't get caught out thinking they were perfects). We will also be able to identify where the ball has been "loaded" by the insertion of metal weights in a filled drilling.

The cost of checking your bowling balls and issuing a passport per ball is £1.95 for the first ball and £1.25 for each one thereafter – The wallet costs £6.95. All new bowling balls from Ballistic / LPSA will receive a free passport insert from the 1st October 2011.

The knowledge you will gain by knowing which weight profile works for you best, for a given type of ball will take you to another performance level and help you to brief your ProShop operator in a more informed manner.

Contact Lee or Ian to arrange an appointment for these checks to be undertaken.


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